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For Managers

Strong communication skills, the ability to speak in plain English, building positive relationships with stakeholders, and showing inspiring leadership qualities – typically called "soft skills" – are becoming increasingly essential for engineering and manufacturing professionals.

Soft skills are all those personal attributes that sit outside of your professional qualifications and work experience. They refer to how you interact, lead and communicate with other people, and they’re an essential foundation for any successful career.

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“I have previously attended the Soft Skills sessions and since implemented a program path for my place of work. I have found the TEAM MANAGEMENT and RESOURCE HANDLING sessions really beneficial at this stage of our customer base knowledge. The topics made more sense and I can put it into context and practice. The trainer was excellent; he is so captivating and keeps you engaged throughout making it a really enjoyable experience plus all the delegates were great and participated really well. Thank you!”

Mr. Hiren Shimpi (Head Sales West)

Lenovo India

“Excellent introduction, raised awareness, and I can see the potential advantages in pursuing the Skill based approach in our collaborative relationships. Exercises good for sharing learning & experiences. Met all of my objectives.”

Mr. K Nagarajan (GM)

B2X Solutions Mumbai

Suven Consultants contacted me prior to the course to discuss our requirements. The course delivered was exactly what we needed and more. The trainer was very attentive and ensured we understood every aspect, providing examples to reinforce the training. An excellent course delivered by a super and professional trainer. Thank you."

Ms. Ruchi Arora (Senior Manager HR)

Maple Technologies

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